Kitchen Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits Installation

Part of your whole kitchen exhaust system is your exhaust fan. When food is being cooked in your kitchen, you should know that your rooftop ventilators are working hard to do their job. Unfortunately, exhaust fan maintenance can be quite tricky as these fans are heavy and difficult to move. The weather can also be […]

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

All kitchens need range hoods. They are vital parts of your kitchen appliances. They help in improving the air circulation inside your kitchen area. They provide a more comfortable cooking environment. They provide an additional lighting for your kitchen so cleaning can be easier. Lastly, they are considered a luxury kitchen investment. However, range hoods […]

Pressure Washing Pavement and Restaurants

  Owning a restaurant is both a rewarding and challenging experience. Rewarding because you make people happy through the delicious dishes you serve. At the same time, you earn money with this business. However, owning a restaurant can also be challenging. With all the tedious sanitary requirements you have to comply and building inspections that […]

Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Tampa

There are many food businesses especially restaurants in the town of Tampa. Due to its strategic location, a lot of people tend to visit and enjoy this place. Since a lot of restaurants are present in this place, a good business that you can try is kitchen hood cleaning.   You don’t need a big […]

Hood Cleaning Tampa, Florida

  Tampa is a major city and the county seat of Hillsborough County, Florida. One good business that you may find here is hood cleaning business. There are a lot of food shops, fast food chains, and restaurants in this area. Also, hood cleaning caters not only to commercial kitchens but also to residential ones. […]

Hood Cleaning Near Me

Range hoods are an important part of your kitchen area. They are sometimes the most overlooked kitchen appliance although they contribute a lot in making your kitchen a comfortable working environment.   Benefits of a Range Hood in a Kitchen A range hood contributes to a more clean air in the kitchen. Notably, the most […]

Five Common Causes of Restaurant Fires

  Sometimes no matter how careful you are, some accidents are unavoidable. Due to the materials found and the items that are being used, restaurants are always prone to fire. Restaurants have all the necessary factors for a fire to flame out of control. Some of these are open flames, cooking equipment, electrical connections, a […]

How to Prevent Tampa Restaurant Fires

The best thing to prevent restaurant fires in Tampa is to have preventive measures on hand. There are many ways to do this but below are the two major things you can do to avoid restaurant fires.   Preventive Maintenance         Install a fire suppression system in the kitchen. This one is important because a majority of […]

Commercial Hood Cleaning

Hood cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your kitchen. Your hoods over time get dirty and greases are likely to accumulate. If your hoods are not cleaned properly, the air inside your kitchen can be harmful to you and the people inside it. There can be elevated levels of carbon monoxide which is harmful […]

Kitchen Hood Degreasing for your Restaurant

Operating a restaurant requires the highest form of sanitation. With continuous usage, grease build-up is unavoidable. When was the last time you peeked underneath your stove hood and checked out the exhaust fan filters? When was the last time you had your kitchen hoods degreased by professionals? Unfortunately, the more we cook in the kitchen, […]

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