Five Common Causes of Restaurant Fires


Sometimes no matter how careful you are, some accidents are unavoidable. Due to the materials found and the items that are being used, restaurants are always prone to fire. Restaurants have all the necessary factors for a fire to flame out of control. Some of these are open flames, cooking equipment, electrical connections, a hot kitchen environment, and paper products. It is always best to carry out the maximum procedures to avoid a restaurant fire.

A restaurant fire can result in loss of livelihood and worse, loss of lives. In a study conducted, results show that one of three fires in the United States is caused by fire.

Below are some of the causes of restaurant fires according to the National Fire Protection Association.

  1.   Clogged hood filters

When your kitchen hoods are clogged with grease, chances of fire hazards are high. Grease can ignite in whatever form it takes- solid, liquid, or vapor form. When you cook, your exhaust hoods do also get hot. They may get so hot that any grease that has accumulated in them can ignite a fire.

  1.   Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment is the second cause of a restaurant fire. The process of cooking is the most prominent restaurant fire hazard. Deep fryers and ovens can be especially dangerous.

  1.   Electrical Distribution and Lighting

Some of the electrical hazards which can cause a restaurant fire include the following:

  •         Worn electrical cords
  •         Damaged extension cords
  •         Faulty wiring
  •         Damaged receptacles
  •         Ungrounded outlets
  •         Faulty electrical appliances

It is always better to check if your restaurant wiring is up to code.

  1.   Smoking

Cigarette smoking is also a cause of restaurant fires. When your staff smokes near storage areas, a restaurant fire is also likely to occur. Smoking is responsible for 7% of the restaurant fires.

  1.   Arson

With its minimal contribution to a restaurant fire, this activity is also hazardous. It is responsible for 5% of the restaurant fires and if not prevented, many innocent lives will also suffer.


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