Kitchen Hood Degreasing for your Restaurant

Operating a restaurant requires the highest form of sanitation. With continuous usage, grease build-up is unavoidable. When was the last time you peeked underneath your stove hood and checked out the exhaust fan filters? When was the last time you had your kitchen hoods degreased by professionals?

Unfortunately, the more we cook in the kitchen, the more we need to have our kitchen hoods clean. If you do not frequently use your kitchen, you can clean your kitchen hoods all by yourself. You just need the right degreaser to be able to do the job. You can purchase them at your local hardware stores. There are different kinds of degreasers in the market so make sure to read the bottle and follow the instruction properly.

Methods of Degreasing

Now if you are a commercial kitchen operator, you can’t just clean your kitchen hoods by yourself. You need professionals to do the job. This is also in compliance with the governing regulation of NFPA-96 Standard. It should be done at certain intervals depending on your kitchen usage. The standard requires monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. The standard also requires that the cleaning will be done by properly trained, qualified and licensed people to ensure safety and compliance.

Two methods are known for degreasing your restaurant.

  • Scraping– This method is the more economical and is extremely effective when done properly. It’s accomplished by a person simply scraping the accumulation of grease from the walls of the exhaust system. Although scraping is an effective method of removing grease for the exhaust system, it’s not the most thorough method because there are certain areas which are unreachable due to human’s limit.
  •  Pressure washing or steam cleaning– This method is the alternative to scraping. Though the down point of this method is that it is more costly and time-consuming since it requires considerable preparatory work to control wastewater and more expensive equipment is needed. However, this method will clean ductwork down to “bare metal” which is the recommendation of the NFPA-96 Standard. This method delivers impressive results and provides an absolute thorough cleaning of every corner of the exhaust system.

Most kitchen exhaust cleaning companies offer both methods for cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. They even recommend doing both methods at regular intervals to maintain maximum efficiency and prevent grease build up. Some kitchen exhaust cleaning companies recommend scraping to be done monthly and pressure washing to be done quarterly. But again, it will still depend on your usage and the size of your kitchen hoods.

After a thorough cleaning, your professional kitchen hood cleaning experts will issue you a certificate proving your compliance with the governing standard. Most cleaning operators will even recommend areas that need proper attention to the restaurant management.

Kitchen degreasing is important for your restaurant to avoid the occurrence of fire. Restaurant fires are primarily caused by grease build up. Grease can easily ignite and burn your whole property. It is better to have your kitchen hoods be cleaned for the safety of your investment and the people working for you.

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